Amazon inventory management

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Simplify your multi-channel stock management with a centralised inventory control system. 

Fulfill more orders. Sell better. Cancel anytime.


Reduce the risk of overselling

With the ability to synchronise all of your selling channels and enable automatic inventory updates on each, you can be confident that your stock levels will be adjusted after every sale, eliminating the risk of overselling.


Have full inventory control

Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, Shopify or any other marketplace or website platform, maintain full control of your inventory at all times and from anywhere in the world, with our centralised multi-channel inventory software.


Spend less time managing your inventory

Free up valuable time by automating everything from inventory level updates and stock replenishment, right through to warehouse management, with our inventory management system. Eliminate human error that can cost your business in time, money and reputation.


Maintain accurate stock levels

Our automated inventory management software allows you to track low inventory levels, anticipate stock demand and set appropriate reorder parameters, avoiding the risk of stockouts and overstocking.


Manage inventory

Reduce product spoilage, improve business efficiency and increase profitability by tracking and prioritising your products and batches


Have more freedom to grow your business

Multi-channel inventory management system simplifies business growth, giving you the tools to expand your business across new channels and into new international markets, all from a single platform.

Whether you are selling your products on your webstore, eBay, Amazon or another marketplace, creating your product listings is complicated and time-consuming.

If you sell through more than one sales channel, the challenges become far greater. You have to set up your products individually for each channel using proprietary software or different websites for everyone. Each has their own set of unique product categories and listing templates which vary by product type – there is a complete lack of consistency.

Your goal is to maximize sales across channels through the most effective means. Repetitive, time-consuming work like setting up the same product several across channels means you’re not spending time on more strategic items that grow your business.

Other software providers offer limited listing tools allowing you to copy or import your existing listings. But most are crude and unreliable and none enable you to build your product catalog, or list quickly, easily and reliably to multiple or all sales channels in real-time.

These challenges are solved by consolidating all of your multichannel efforts into one software solution.

ChannelGrabber’s eCommerce software is built to streamline your list management practices by bringing all of your marketplaces into a single user interface where you can create and list any product once, then effortlessly push it out across channels.

ChannelGrabber’s software accounts for your webstore, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and many more sales channels. Not only are stock levels accounted for across platforms, but listing your products becomes easy.

A mundane task that ate up time in your daily routine now becomes an automated process with improved results.


ChannelGrabber helps thousands of online retailers maximise their sales potential.

We free you from the tasks that take your attention away from your real goal... selling more products!

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