eCommerce Platform

Omnichannel eCommerce Platform

An eCommerce platform helps to support the complexities relating to the omnichannel retail experience.

Retailers oversee many administrative tasks to support the omnichannel experience including digital inventory, order fulfillment and providing a more personalized user experience. An eCommerce platform, like ChannelGrabber, provides the infrastructure to accommodate the growingly complex retail and online shopping landscape.

What is omnichannel eCommerce?

Omnichannel eCommerce is a fully integrated approach to commerce that provides consumers a consistent experience across every channel including online, offline, brick-and-mortar locations, eCommerce marketplaces, social media, and retargeting, among many others.

Retail software alleviates many burdens relating to omnichannel eCommerce. ChannelGrabber is a retail solution that enables retailers to sell more and helps companies:

  • Sell in multiple places easily
  • Optimize product content in one place
  • Manage eCommerce stores in one place
  • Manage inventory levels to not oversell
  • Reduce your cost of sale
  • Provide a more consistent user experience.

An eCommerce platform like ChannelGrabber helps facilitate a wide range of growing a retailer's online presence through:

Product content optimization

Maintain a master product catalog for all products, ensure content is optimized fully, and push content to any retail destination with one click.

Inventory management solutions

Efficiently manage the entire inventory process and sell the same product easily across Amazon, eBay, and your webstore. ChannelGrabber links inventory, so the stock inventory is continuously synced and updated.

Organize order management

Simplify order management and access eBay, Amazon, and more through a single interface. Scan invoices and bring all orders together so you can select with a single click and action accordingly.

Send professional invoices

Create customized invoices combining pre-designed templates with your fnebranding. Easily craft invoices which you can print, email, or dispatch to the customer directly from ChannelGrabber.

Expanding to omnichannel requires an eCommerce platform that can manage inventory, logistics, payments, and more. With a platform like ChannelGrabber, retailers can minimize the challenges associated with eCommerce while maximizing the benefits of an eCommerce solution.

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