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eCommerce retailers oversee many complexities relating to digital inventory, order fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and the overall omnichannel experience. Retailers need to be mindful of best practices relating to the customer journey, experience, and competitive landscape while continuing to drive sales and improve business efficiencies.

By 2021, eCommerce sales are expected to reach over $4.8 billion1. Now, more than ever, implementing viable and long-term eCommerce strategies is imperative to ensure the future success of a digital retailer.

Benefits of eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce solutions help streamline inventory and management tasks while maximizing the benefits of using multiple digital vendors to reach new customers and nurture existing ones.

eCommerce solutions alleviate many of the challenges relating to managing and tracking inventory, returns and order fulfillment, and reporting on benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs).

eCommerce solutions can ease the majority of burdens relating to integrating webstores and marketplace shops while providing the ability to manage the entire omnichannel retail experience from one platform.

eCommerce software helps manage retail carriers and supply chains, with features that include:

  • Syncing inventory information across multiple marketplaces
  • Instant cross-listing at scale from eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, and more
  • Improved business efficiencies with one centralized ecosystem for online sales
  • Sending and fulfilling professional invoices to diverse carriers automatically
  • Reducing the amount of time required to manage and control fulfillment activities

eCommerce solutions

The ability for retailers to respond quickly and effectively to customers on their chosen platform and use comprehensive data analytics to improve decision making can help them gain a further competitive advantage.

eCommerce is complex, and expanding to omnichannel requires a company to manage inventory, logistics, payments, and customers across a variety of different sellers, each with their listing, shipping, and sales requirements. Retailers can minimize the challenges associated with omnichannel selling while maximizing the benefits by adopting an eCommerce solution that streamlines the omnichannel process.

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