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Inventory Management Software for eCommerce

eCommerce retailers often list their products in several marketplaces for greater reach. However, cross listing products makes inventory management very tedious. Inventory management software can consolidate omnichannel inventory management into a single platform for cross-listing, order fulfillment, and delivery management. ChannelGrabber’s inventory management software can help manage omnichannel inventory and scale your business to meet the demands of a growing customer base.

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Migrating to inventory management software

Often, retailers use multiple channels to sell products. Inventory management software can streamline operations and ensure inventory accuracy to eliminate duplicate sales of the same products. Robust inventory management solutions like the one ChannelGrabber offers allows business owners, eCommerce Managers, Directors of eCommerce and more to eliminate redundancies in their day-to-day process freeing up more time for strategic and high-impact activities.

Features of Inventory Management Software

ChannelGrabber’s inventory management software has numerous benefits:

    • Multiple channels with one inventory
    • Real-time stock synchronization
  • SKU-based listings
  • Integration with other webstores (eBay, Amazon, Woocommerce, and more)

Using ChannelGrabber’s inventory management solution, omnichannel eCommerce management has never been easier. Integrate your own webstore with other online marketplaces in one location. Inventory management software prevents overselling, and simplifies the eCommerce process.

To learn more about how our company’s software features can help you meet the challenges of inventory management, book a demo here or speak to a member of the ChannelGrabber team.

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