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Multichannel selling initiatives are growing in importance as retailers expand and businesses need to make inventory available to customers at a larger scale. Multichannel retail, frequently known as an omnichannel eCommerce process, entails promoting and managing products on multiple channels, sometimes upward of a dozen at once.

Each channel, including Amazon, eBay, your own webstore, and more, have separate systems, logins, interfaces, and processes that eCommerce managers need to simultaneously account for.

Different interfaces involve countless hours handling listings, billing, shipping, and messaging requirements that all vary significantly. Juggling these systems, instead of having a centralized location to evaluate inventory levels, prevents retailers from gaining a holistic view of their overall business operations and see where savings might be possible.


What is a multichannel retail platform?

Traditionally, the term “Multichannel” involved an extension of a standard business model - adding a web sales department, or third-party marketplace to an existing retail or catalog department, each working in isolation. Customer data and customer service were separate, and an organization was structured into silos for each channel.

Now, customers are used to an omnichannel experience. Recognizing that customer experience preferences are changing is critical. Omnichannel ensures that a customer can have a consistent shopping experience across many different channels, with seamless transitions from one to the next. This includes the accurate reporting of inventory numbers regardless of which marketplace or store they are attempting to make a purchase on.

In recent years, retailers have started to simplify their organizational processes through solutions that provide a single platform which integrates all of their marketplaces, webstores, and couriers. These solutions, like ChannelGrabber, solve the problems that have plagued retailers for a decade.

Through eCommerce platforms like ChannelGrabber, retailers maintain and access a centralized system that works to:

  • Integrate every retail channel
  • List all stock and inventory
  • Process every order
  • Create invoices in half the time
  • Process and dispatch shipments
  • Manage all customer communications

Retailers and companies that implement eCommerce platforms have more successful relationships with their customers and can easily manage their entire retail and inventory processes.

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